case study: ROI analysis

Client Case Study and Analysis
The following financial results represent expected performance improvements attributable to the KUITY Solution for a single client over a five year time horizon. The client is a publically traded conglomerate with ~120 million in revenue drawn from three primary business lines—services, production, and real estate. Each business line was evaluated separately and the results of the anticipated improvements are depicted below. All trailing costs have been factored into this analysis, including, ongoing maintenance, updates, as well as, the client’s anticipated acquisition of three additional companies and the expected expenses relating to their integration. Where appropriate, the results have been accumulated and weighted for purposes of the overall return analysis.

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EBITDA Prediction, Restatement Risk, and Confidence Level
Cost Benefit Analysis (US $, over 5 yrs)
Cumulative Net Value Gained
(US $, over 5 yrs)
Progress Measurement, Cum. Discounted Cash Flow as % of NPV
KUITY Impact Relative to Budgeted EBITDA
KUITY Impact as % of EBITDA
Est. Improvement to Shareholder Value
at end of 5 yrs (US $)
Improvement to Shareholder Value
Capitalized EBITDA Improvement
vs. Cumulative Cost

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